Productive & creative at work

In this seminar you will learn short exercises suitable for everyday use, which you can apply immediately: for more effectiveness & success at work. You can expect a holistic approach that includes simple physical and mental exercises, nutritional aspects and helpful findings from brain research. Let the energy quickies for body, brain and soul inspire you to a work culture with more satisfaction, serenity and better results.

Target groups

This seminar is aimed at trainers, coaches, consultants, HR experts, managers and people who want to live their full potential and master everyday life full of energy.


Get to know your personal top energy boosters and which exercises, routines and habits will take your energy level to the next level - for more effectiveness, creativity and better results. This way, you turn the right knobs to tap your full potential, so that you have enough energy left over in your free time for the things that are important to you and bring you joy.

Contents and methods

What is energy? And how can you increase your energy level?

Determine your personal energy balance: energy boosters & energy vampires

Learning physical and mental exercises that will give your energy a kick start

The power of daily routines

From perception to intuition: what our thoughts have to do with our energy balance

Creativity for your meeting culture

Nutrition in the workplace


Ingrid Berger

Trainer for Mindfulness & Resilience, Group Fitness Expert & Personal Trainer, Graduate Biologist

Dates & Costs

On request ( from 10-19 h, from 9-15 h)

min. 8, max. 12 participants

590 € Private payer / 690 € Corporate customers

Additional costs:

Meal package for 2 days: 78 € (drinks and lunch)

If necessary, hotel accommodation (please book directly at the hotel and pay on the spot)

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