Methods, tools and tips for working with couples and double peaks

Relationships play a fundamental role in our well-being – and also in our professional effectiveness. Nothing tugs at our value like a relationship crisis. Nothing blocks as much of our energy as unresolved conflicts in our partnership or in close professional relationships.

In every relationship, different family histories come together. First, we are attracted to what is different. In everyday relationships, it is precisely at these points that conflicts arise. What was so attractive in the beginning becomes what we chafe against. Simply because different belief systems and mindsets collide.

Working on relationship issues, coaching couples on their joint development path or accompanying professional partnerships as a bodyguard is a challenge all its own. There are systemic rules that must be followed. It takes a very specific incorruptibility. And a clear sense of where a couple or business partnership can only cross the bridge together, and where everyone needs to take charge of their own emotional homework.

In this seminar you will learn how to coach two relationship partners simultaneously. There are many tips and tools for this. You will learn how relationship crises/conflicts can be turned into opportunities. And how to reactivate the potential of a partnership.

Zwei Würfel fallen

Target groups

This seminar is aimed at coaches, counselors and therapists who want to work with couples, parents or professional tandems and are interested in systemic relationship work.


This work has a lot to do with one's own attitude. Therefore, reflecting on one's own relationship history is part of the process. They will also receive many practical tools and methods for working with couples and professional tandems.

Contents and methods

Systemic principles in relationship

Talk with each other

Be a couple. Being a parent. Working Couples

Healing the feelings

Women and men

Biography work

Rituals for everyday life

Living values together


Christiane Windhausen

Windhausen (Dipl. Psych.), Systemic Relationship Design, Senior Coach at DBVC and IOBC

Dates & Costs

On request ( from 10-19 h, from 9-15 h)

min. 8, max. 12 participants

690 € Private payer / 790 € Corporate customers

Additional costs:

Meal package for 2 days: 78 € (drinks and lunch)

If necessary, hotel accommodation (please book directly at the hotel and pay on the spot)

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