Self-leadership program for women

Women bring so many skills and talents to the world. Intelligence, foresight and empathy are among our natural gifts, and our top organizational talent is demonstrated, for example, in bringing career and family together. And that is just a sample of our strengths. Despite the many competencies we women bring to the table, we also perceive that there are obstructive behaviors that seem to bind us together like some sort of collective gene. These show themselves, for example, in the form of self-doubt and the worry of not being enough, in the form of increased demands on ourselves, up to and including crippling perfectionism, to name just the essential ones.

Target groups

This Personality Seminar is aimed at interested people from all areas as well as coaches who repeatedly have to deal with this topic in themselves and others and would like to learn more about it.


Each woman brings her own personal experience, which we see as a source for a very personal journey into the future. We support you in uncovering your full potential and developing it in an authentic way. Your picture of the future will then serve you like a well-aligned compass. You can confide in him both professionally and privately. With our unique seminar concept, we give women the opportunity to recognize their true greatness and release growth brakes. By greatness, we do not mean a performance-bound "higher-faster-further" but an authentic "becoming whole."

Contents and methods

Understanding the path of life

Unmask obstacles

Recover treasures

Integrate light and shadow

Being seen for who you truly are


Cordula Rosenfeld

Senior Coach (DBVC), Systemic Consultant & Process Facilitator

Edith Beilner

Certified Business Coach

Dates & Costs

On request ( from 10-19 h, from 9-15 h)

min. 8, max. 12 participants

590 € Private payer / 690 € Corporate customers

Additional costs:

Meal package for 2 days: 78 € (drinks and lunch)

If necessary, hotel accommodation (please book directly at the hotel and pay on the spot)

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Then please send us the completed registration form by email to or by mail to our address. After receipt you will receive a confirmation by email. An invitation with further info will be sent 4 weeks before the event starts. If the seminar is fully booked, it is possible to be placed on a waiting list. As soon as a place becomes free, a participant moves up and is informed. We are looking forward to your registration!
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