Module 6

Integration and masterpiece

  • Lessons learned from the training
  • Presentation of the masterpieces
  • Outlook and further perspectives

Module 5

Leadership - responsibility in change processes

  • Leadership culture development as part of cultural work
  • Responsibility culture in change
  • Dealing with and using emotions for a successful change process
  • Shaping relationship and dialogues in change
  • Work on own practical cases

Module 4

Agile mindset and tool

  • Traditional and/or Agile? What is the difference?
  • Agile values and principles and their use in concrete change projects
  • Challenges and pitfalls
  • Work on own practical cases

Module 3

Architecture & Design - Classic and Agile OE

  • Architectures and Design II: Advanced
  • Large group interventions and harnessing the energy of large groups
  • Culture development and agile change
  • Work on own practical cases

Module 2

Diagnoses and role clarification

  • Clarity in the role as internal/external consultant
  • Diagnosis and the variety of its tools
  • Architecture and design I using the example of a fictitious case
  • Work on own practical cases

Module 1

Systemic professionalism and competence

  • Constitution of the group and introduction to the learning culture of WANDELPLAN
  • Systemic foundations and basic models
  • Organizational development and transformation processes
  • Good order clarification: starting point of the process
  • Work on own practical cases