As a training institute, we offer further training as a systemic coach, change manager, or organizational developer in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area and in Cologne. In addition, we accompany companies, teams, and everyone personally throughout Germany. We have made it our task to strengthen people in their competencies.Would you like to get a first impression? Then start the movie!

What motivates us

WANDELPLAN wants to support companies and organizations to develop a positive performance culture. With room for personal responsibility and innovation, so that people can stay healthy and develop their potential for the benefit of all. We want to strengthen managers in their integration skills to promote cross-departmental or cross-team collaboration. And we want to help ensure that personal change succeeds easily and that strength for the future grows out of crises.

Planning change - is that even possible?

In an agile, complex world with sudden, unplanned changes, this seems almost absurd. However, we need to make plans for a new future, especially in unstable times with major transformations. These plans are the power that carries us through change. We at WANDELPLAN design future plans with you and support you in their implementation.

Training for leaders, and those who want to become one

Ready to Lead

Get off to a confident start in your new role and experience how you will feel at ease in your new role as a leader.

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Master to Lead

Lead Self, Lead Team, Lead Organization. A training with 3 modules, for more effectiveness in the team and within the organization.

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Our motto:





Working sustainably

WANDELPLAN works with companies from the free economy, organizations from the non-profit sector, or public institutions. We develop your managers and employees in trainings, workshops, development programs, and accompany you through change processes. Together with you, we plan for the future.

Company offers


Growing together

In the WANDELPLAN trainings to become a coach, change manager, or organizational developer, you will learn skills that you can apply immediately in your professional environment. This will enable you to master challenging situations or conversations with confidence – both professionally and privately. For professionals, we offer advanced training courses covering specific topics.


Become what I am

Our lives are in a constant state of change. Sometimes we need a view from the outside to get back into balance, to understand inner beliefs, and to change perspectives. WANDELPLAN supports you individually. Our goal is to rediscover the original potential that lies dormant in you and wants to be lived.

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All formats also online

We offer our services both in presence and online.There are many ways to ensure high quality and depth in the virtual space.The best thing is simply to experience it for yourself!
Working with online tools