We maintain a partnership with our customers on an equal footing. We develop concepts in joint dialogue with internal contact persons. Customers learn with us and we learn from our customers. In this way, new ideas and the best approach for the participants emerge in the shared space.



We want to be inclusive. Our customers often suffer from divisions within the company: Between silos/departments, between boards, and between locations. In the VUCA world, the individual often no longer finds a solution for the seemingly unsolvable. In the connection, we find outstanding solutions. We help build bridges and promote diversity.



We believe in self-organization and empower people to develop and live sustainable solutions themselves. All processes and structures are adapted in such a way that we are no longer needed as external facilitators as soon as possible, and the experience continues to have an effect.



Many customers describe us as refreshing. It used to irritate us. In the meantime, we have made it our own. It is the attitude to throw even an absolutely well-thought-out concept over the heap if it no longer fits at that moment. And when things get tough, we always find a way to transition to humor and move on.


Health & Mindfulness

Fostering a mindful culture is one of our focal points in organizations. How can we establish a performance culture while maintaining a high quality of life and health for people - for many years to come? The well-being and self-care of our own team are high values for us to be able to accompany other people effectively.


Family Orientation

We live flexible working models, as family and partnership are very important to us. Promoting the integration of work and family for mothers and fathers is a matter close to our hearts. The ability to combine job and family and the private happiness of employees has a direct impact on performance and job satisfaction.

We are where you need us

The management and core team of WANDELPLAN are based in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area. Our consulting team of over 25 certified coaches, consultants, and trainers operates nationwide. Customers with multiple locations thus have their personal coach directly on site, and we can simultaneously conserve resources and work more sustainably for everyone involved.
Our team