What makes our workshops so special?

Exciting impulses, a good mix of methods, and supportive moderation

Moderating means being able to build bridges, integrate and connect what still seems disconnected. Sometimes it also means getting things briefly to the point. With our moderation we support your communication processes. We allow different perspectives and opinions, so that new dialogues can emerge. We help you structure what is still unorganized. Or reflect observations that were still new to you. Always in the sense of an offer. And in these dialogue spaces, new solutions emerge.

We moderate:

Executive retreats

Management / Board meetings

Work council meetings

HR Conferences

Annual forums with employees

"Both-as well" instead of "Either-or"

We are professionals in the interplay between the relationship level and the factual level and bring parties with their different interests into a good dialogue to create new joint, workable solutions. We always act in an impartial and neutral manner. We keep track of the process and ensure clear, achievable goals. When the dust settles, we translate and integrate the issues. We support communication and bring the common denominator to perception, so that in the end agreements supported by all can be adopted.

What is important to us!

  • Exciting impulses or keynotes that provide an introduction to the topic and set the framework, e.g. on the part of management
  • All stakeholders have a voice
  • Change of perspective to understand the system as a whole and thus find a good solution for all parties involved
  • A good mixture
    of plenary sessions, small group work, and individual work
  • Refreshing mix of methods: constellations in space, resource walks, brainstorming, and creative techniques, picture card work, design thinking, fishbowl, reflecting team, etc.

Our workshops are characterized by the fact that they:

  • have a high practical content
    the participants are actively involved, so that learning effect and sustainability are given
  • framed by a systemic attitude
    and methods of the facilitators
  • optimally supervised
    from 15 participants onwards, 2 moderators will accompany the workshop.
  •  carried out by facilitators who have a lot of experience and core competence for the respective topic
  • Individual agreements
    between you and the moderator are part of the status quo.
  • Concrete results

Request for workshops

Are you interested in a workshop? Then simply write us here in our contact form or by email your request and we will get back to you promptly. Or you can call us directly at 06023-9189494. The best time to reach us is between 09-15.

In a telephone conversation, we ask initial questions to clarify the goal of the workshop. The telephone call can be made, for example, to the supervisor or the responsible HR manager.

Afterwards, we will provide you with a non-binding offer with information on time frame, moderator profiles and costs. We will also be happy to advise you on which measure is most effective for your concern.

You are also welcome to meet the moderator in advance to see if the “chemistry” is right – by phone, video call or even in person (depending on the distance).

And then you can take your time and sift through everything at your leisure. Don’t worry, there are no sales people calling you all the time. You simply get back to us if the offer suits you or if you still have questions about it.

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