Change happens every day in companies.

And every day, the future is being reshaped.

Shaping change is work. Sure. And it is also a lot of fun! And creates meaning. And sometimes it is also the reason why people stay in organizations. Because they can develop personally in it. When change is handled consciously, people can grow in it and gain competencies for the future.
Change competence is like a muscle
 the more trained it is, the fitter we are in dealing with sudden changes.

We often grow where we rub

Fine, you think. But the change in us is not self-initiated at all but caused by external influences. An unwanted merger or a market collapse, etc. But it is precisely in crises that it is important how the change is handled.
Wherever you want to develop your organization or company towards - we are at your side. As little as necessary and just as much as it takes. To strengthen the internal and own forces in the organization. And we'll also tell you what's no good - honestly.

Our services

Design and planning of the change architecture and communication roadmaps for transformation

Active support of the entire transformation from kick-off to a meaningful conclusion as well as measures to ensure sustainability

External moderation of strategy meetings and project team meetings

Project management and project coaching

Large group events (World Café, RTSC, open space technology, etc.)

Team workshops and moderation of team processes

Individual and team coaching

Consulting on organizational structures, role clarification, and process management

With 4 steps, we accompany you in the further development of your organization:

1) Discover

We hear and ask many questions. Result: You as the customer and we have a common understanding of the current overall situation.

2) Dream

Dreaming how it could be in the best case. Designing visions.

3) Design

Design how it could become in the future.

4) Deliver

Implementation in practice. Determine what will happen. New ideas realize.

Examples of organizational development processes

Cultural Development

If you want to get down to business quickly, you should start with culture. (Bernd Schmid, isb)

Culture development is a topic that does not always generate enthusiasm in management circles. It sounds like a long duration and it's not really tangible. In our fast-paced business world, where quick, visible success counts, it's usually lower on the to-do list.


Culture is often largely unconscious, the lower, invisible part of the iceberg. We all experience culture in organizations, of course, but it's sometimes hard to put into words. And yet - in the many change projects that WANDELPLAN has already accompanied, the solution often lies at the cultural level and not in quick, simple measures.

You would like to or have the order...

... further develop the management culture away from a hierarchy-driven top-down culture towards a dialogue-oriented culture with more involvement of the employees?

... change the negative working atmosphere to a culture where employees come to work again with joy and motivation?

... stop silo thinking and division and move towards cross-divisional cooperation in the company?

... develop the high absenteeism rate towards a healthy culture with high attendance?


At WANDELPLAN, we bring 18 years of experience in process design for culture development and design a custom-fit process for you for the start-up phase/ kick-off, implementation, and sustainability.
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Values and mission statement development

Connecting common values

We align our behavior with shared values. They help us make decisions. Especially during crises or change, it is noticeable whether a company has lived values. In uncertain times, they provide support and stability.

Values are like shoes that are too big, and we have to grow into them. With well-broken-in shoes we can manage any mountain.

Have you ever developed great values for your organization, but they're not being lived?

Do you want to bring existing values to life in daily business?

There is a management mission statement, but the managers do not (any longer) align their actions with it?

There are neither values nor mission statements in your organization, and you would like to develop them together with everyone?


We are professionals in supporting you in bringing values to life - in a medium-sized (family) company or on a corporate level with diverse teams. We know the success factors and the stumbling blocks and are at your side.
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Vision and strategy development

If you have visions, you don't need to go to the doctor!

The well-known quote by Helmut Schmidt "Anyone who has visions should go to the doctor" is invoked by those in the company who think vision work is superfluous or what a crank. But especially in difficult times of unwanted change, employees need not only to deal with the crisis but also to have a broad outlook on a future that gives hope and creates meaning. We often see hard-hit industries that have to cut entire plants lose sight of thinking out of the box to build new business. That's human, and it just happens. Support from outside can help to open the view again to develop visions together.

Drawing a picture for the future

Do you perceive changes in the market at an early stage and want to realign the company's strategy for the future?

Do you want to continue to grow and weather crises well and boldly create visions?


At WANDELPLAN, we design workshops with you in which you and your organization's leaders have the space and time to journey into the future and see what visions and strategies you want to set sail for.
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Change and transformation processes

Change takes place always and everywhere

2 decades ago, change processes in organizations were planned like projects and carried out in fixed periods of time. Today, change happens all the time, and we adapt the process in the weekly doing. Today, a plan must be agile and flexible to capture the ever-changing requirements and find solutions. We accompany them, especially in the unplannable, and contribute our experience with major transformation processes. We advise you on which methods have the greatest effect at which point in time and help you to further train the change muscle of employees and managers.

As little as possible and as much as necessary

Are you planning to restructure your organization and recreate the organizational chart?

Are you planning a merger or company takeover and want to have the intercultural process professionally accompanied by change management in order to avoid unnecessary trouble spots and reduce resistance?

Are you looking to bring in another layer of management, and roles are being rewritten?


At WANDELPLAN, we listen carefully to where you are with the process and what you want to see in the future as a result of the transformation. In some processes, if the internal resources are available, we also coach and advise only the internal project manager, and we as external parties do not appear at all. Or you need external resources, in which case we can provide you with a small change team.
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Request for organizational development

For a customized offer, I will be happy to advise you


Would you like to receive advice on organizational development? Then simply write us here in our contact form or by email your request, and we will get back to you promptly. Or you can call us directly at +49 (0)6023- 9189494. The best time to reach us is between 9 am – 3 pm.

In a telephone conversation, we ask initial questions to clarify the goal of organizational development. The telephone call can be made, for example, to the supervisor or the responsible HR manager.

Afterwards, we will provide you with a non-binding offer with information on time frame, moderator profiles, and costs. We will also be happy to advise you on which measure is most effective for your concern.

For a longer OE process, we are also happy to come to your company for a personal meeting to better understand the company and your OE concerns. Alternatively, if desired, this can be done by phone or video call, e.g. if you are still in the applicant selection phase or a face-to-face meeting is not possible at that time.

Don’t worry, there are no sales people calling you all the time. You simply get back to us if the offer suits you or if you still have questions about it.

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