Online coaching

Our WANDELPLAN coaches are trained in online coaching and are happy to offer coaching sessions virtually. For this purpose, we usually use MS Teams or the video conferencing tool available in your company (Webex, Lync, Skype for Business, ZOOM, etc.). Experience has shown that online coaching can also be used for more in-depth and practical work. Depending on the online tool/platform we can also work with images there, with body or emotions, with constellation work, etc.

Virtual trainings

Training can also be 100% virtual. Either with a group that has already had classroom training together and knows each other. During the Corona period, we had extremely positive experiences with completely new groups that did not know each other beforehand and yet were able to open up a lot in the virtual trainings.

Group work can easily be done via so-called breakout rooms. Experience has shown that the groups can even achieve the results in less time than in some cases in classroom training, because the teams then start directly and often approach the tasks with more focus.

One success factor that has emerged, especially in the case of longer training sessions lasting 4 to 8 hours, is that more shorter breaks are needed (a short break every hour or so), more physical exercises in between, lots of mindfulness elements, etc. This helps to ensure that the participants are not exhausted in the evening, but in some cases even invigorated.

We also offer training in online facilitation or the use of online tools in virtual training (e.g. conceptboard as a visualization tool).

Virtual moderation

Do you have an online workshop or conference and want to have it professionally moderated in a virtual context? The WANDELPLAN facilitators will be happy to accompany you so that you can focus on the content in the conference/workshop.

Online tools

We offer training for managers, trainers, and coaches in online tools, which they can then use themselves with their teams or groups. These can be visualization tools such as Conceptboard or other boards. But also your own control as a manager or coach in virtual leadership/work. How do I create depth or closeness in a virtual context? How can I create a high level of presence so that participants stay awake and active?

Participant comments on online formats

Are you interested in our virtual offers?

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