Develop architectures for change processes.

Shaping relationships and dialogues.

This training takes place in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area and is suitable for all persons who accompany change processes internally or externally. This includes managers as well as personnel managers, personnel developers, organizational developers, project managers, external or internal consultants, trainers, and coaches.
In the face of increasing transformations in organizations, we enhance your competencies with a focus on continuing to navigate complexity and speed well. We share our knowledge and practical experience of how change processes can be designed, managed and then implemented sustainably.

What you learn

You will learn a systemic perspective on organizations, professional clarification of assignments, design of processes, consulting know-how, methods and personal steering skills in consulting. Systemic expertise and clarity of one's own role in consulting helps people to better manage themselves in the face of new demands and to increase their own effectiveness as managers, employees, or project leaders.

The development of one's own professionalism with regard to the management of organizational processes

Role and attitude of the systemic consultant and process facilitator

Effectively conduct order clarification meetings

Create meaningful scripts for organizational development or culture change and develop implementation ideas

Systemic methods and tools in consulting and organizational development

To become aware of personal patterns in the accompaniment of others and to increase one's own capacity for control

Current trends and topics in companies such as increasing complexity and dynamics, healthy leadership etc.

Develop your own consultant profile through reflection and collegial dialogue, which is presented at the end as a masterpiece

How we work

  • 12 training days (6 modules of 2 days each from Friday to Saturday or from Saturday to Sunday)
  • Demonstration of real OE processes from initial contact to sustainability
  • Based on own cases, process designs are created and reflected together
  • Teaching of models and approaches that the participants themselves can implement in their everyday professional lives
  • Supervision of the first consulting experiences from your own practice
  • Consultant Market Exercises
  • Collegial intervision

Structure of the
Advanced training

Teaching coach

Gabriela Jérôme

Space and time for development

All modules take place in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area at the SeminarCenter Rückersbach. The venue is a TOP 250 conference hotel and 30 min from Frankfurt and 15 min from Aschaffenburg.

The SeminarCenter is located in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and yet in the middle of Germany. Located in the middle of nature idyllic on a small mountain and ideal as a place of learning to focus and relax. With the wide view of the beautiful surroundings, the future can be rethought. In summer, the simple beer garden invites you to linger in the evenings, and in winter, enchanting snowy landscapes are on offer.

All dates and addresses

Training costs

Early bird

until 3 months before start of training

4.400,- € for private payer
4.900,- € for corporate clients

Regular booker

within 3 months before the start of training

4.800,- € for private payer
5.300,- € for corporate clients

The training is recognized as a vocational training measure and is therefore exempt from VAT (§ 4 No. 21 letter a bb UStG).

Additional costs

Catering per module for 2 days: 105 €

If necessary, hotel accommodations (please reserve directly at the hotel in advance and pay on site upon departure or apply for a cost transfer by the company. A room contingent is kept free for WANDELPLAN).

You have questions or want to get started right away?

Then we look forward to your contact by mail or phone.