Complex times need different perspectives

A well-developed team's intelligence is always stronger than the assets of individuals. Decisive success factors are good cooperation, successful communication, and a uniform culture of values within the team.
Our offerings offer the opportunity to analyze team-internal strengths and dissolve obstacles.

Teambuilding - How does it work?

The key factor for trustful cooperation and excellent results is a balanced relationship between the individual team members. What do you particularly appreciate about your teammates, and what motivated you to become a member of this team? What were your personal highlights both as an individual and as part of the overall team?

Development goals

In our workshops, we want to consider what the future should look like. With the 9 factors for successful cooperation, you can determine your ACTUAL state as a team and jointly develop concrete measures to further strengthen the WE feeling. The point is to show all the skills of the team and to appreciate them:

  • What has gone particularly well in recent years, and what is your team particularly proud of?
  • Have there been any obstacles or challenges recently, if applicable, and how have you overcome them as a team?
  • Are there perhaps any current challenges that you would like to address and solve together?

Based on these strengthened resources, the next step is to see what the future work in the team should look like. What do you want as a team, and how can you best achieve the next milestones and goals?

Our approach

In this team workshop, we take a look at the team and team development together with all participants. We moderate the discussion and incorporate experiential elements that promote team communication. This may involve different focal points, which we will coordinate with you in advance of the team workshop. Examples:

  • Obtaining the sensitivities and the wishes for improvement, working out solutions and ideas for the optimization of processes and workflows.
  • Creating insight into the different perspectives and strengths of team members, increasing understanding and acceptance.
  • Resolving team conflicts.
  • Analysis of departmental culture and lived values.
  • Alignment with the challenges ahead.
  • Create an action and/or development plan.

Common Ground Team Model

For team development, we use the Common Ground team model as an effective tool to noticeably improve cohesion and team performance. Common Ground is the basis for successful cooperation and sustainable goal achievement.
It is both a diagnostic tool and a process/solution tool and enables a structured approach so that nothing is overlooked. The team decides what to work on first.

9 success factors make team development measurable

A shared view of the team's current reality

An equal level of information

Goals that all stakeholders know, understand, and can identify with

Open and honest communication culture

Clear roles and responsibilities

Common values

We-feeling and common rituals

Mutual appreciation

Commitment/ Obligation

The Common Ground needs care

Consciously establishing and actively shaping the Common Ground is an ongoing task for leaders and team members. On this healthy ground, fewer disturbances and resistances arise. Goals are implemented more easily. In the long run, it also serves a culture that is conducive to health, as stressors are not created in the first place or are dealt with directly.

We are happy to support you in establishing your common ground.

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Mediation for conflict resolution

Conflict can have a massive impact on our well-being, performance, atmosphere, and identity, and can be a major concern for us both, professionally and personally. Mediation is a process for the constructive handling and resolution of conflicts.

Conflicts are potential for development

In mediation, the conflict clarification and resolution process are accompanied by a neutral and independent third party, the trained mediator.

Solutions that are brought in by those affected and negotiated directly with one another have a higher quality and sustainability than if they are prescribed from the outside. Mediation, therefore, relies on active cooperation, and creativity in finding solutions, and also promotes a change of perspective.

For whom is mediation an enrichment or a solution?

Mediation processes are professionally accompanied by trained mediators who have a great deal of experience and have been certified by the Federal Association for Mediation. In principle, mediation is suitable for a wide range of interpersonal conflicts. We accompany conflicts between individuals as well as between groups or role holders (e.g., between the board and work council or between teams).


Since every conflict and therefore every mediation is highly individual, we design each offer individually and tailor it to you.
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Request for team development

Are you interested in team development or team conflict resolution/mediation? Then simply write us here in our contact form or by email with your request and we will get back to you promptly. Or you can call us directly at +49 (0)6023-9189494. The best time to reach us is between 9 am – 3 pm.

In a telephone conversation, we ask initial questions to clarify the goal of team development or mediation.

We will then provide you with a non-binding offer with information on the time frame, consultant profiles, and costs for team development or mediation. We will also be happy to advise you on which measure is most effective for your concern.

You are also welcome to meet the consultant in advance to see if the “chemistry” is right – by phone, video call. or even in person (depending on the distance).

And then you can take your time and sift through everything at your leisure. Don’t worry, there are no salespeople calling you all the time. You simply get back to us if the offer suits you or if you still have questions about it.

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