Module 7

The integration

  • Overview of the methods learned
  • Self-reflection of the own development
  • Professional development and biography
  • Presentation of the own coaching profile
  • Coaching as promotion of potential
  • Roadmap for the coach

Module 6

Coaching and the future

  • Vision work and creative methods for creating the future
  • Tools for decision making, problem solving and goal orientation
  • The space of possibilities
  • Declaration of goals
  • Values work in coaching

Module 5

Coaching and transformation

  • Crises as opportunities for transformation
  • Analysis and handling of change processes
  • Emotional states in processes of change
  • Behavior change and action expansion
  • Self-control and metacommunication
  • Executive Coaching
  • Life cycles and their crises

Module 4

Coaching and teams

  • Success factors for good cooperation
  • Dialog culture "Common Ground
  • Group processes and team coaching
  • Relationship dynamics and personal patterns
  • Diagnose disturbances in working relationships
  • Projections in the team
  • Diversity and belonging

Module 3

Coaching and organizations

  • Organizational analysis from a systemic point of view
  • Visualize organizational structures
  • Systemic principles in organizations
  • Systemic questioning techniques and interventions
  • Context analysis methods
  • Triangular contracts
  • Phases in coaching, coaching as a process

Module 2

Coaching and emotions

  • Emotional self-leadership
  • Condition management
  • Dealing with fear, anger, helplessness and grief
  • Self-esteem and effectiveness
  • Displacement of feelings
  • Dealing with decision/conflict situations

Module 1

The coaching dialog

  • The first coaching conversation
  • Understanding the role of the coach
  • Contract design and order clarification
  • Conversation and relationship building
  • Systemic-constructivist thinking
  • Appreciation and resource reflection
  • Areas of application of coaching
  • Coaching development