Coach the Coach

Advanced Coaching Training

This advanced training is suitable for experienced coaches who have already completed the Basic Coaching Training and would like to continue their education. But also for executives, HR managers, team or project leaders in responsible positions who would like to attend an open training course with us and already have a lot of experience.

We expand your personal toolbox with you and would like to accompany you in your personal development as a coach.

In a total of three 2-day modules, the focus is on current content explicitly geared towards experienced coaches and deepening the basic training.

In the teaching supervision to reflect on your own cases, you can exchange experiences, receive new impulses and generate alternative solutions.

Scope of the training

  • A total of 12 training days
  • 2 main seminars of 2 days each
  • 1 elective seminar of 2 days
  • Teaching supervision of 3 x 2 days or 6 individual days
  • Self-organized learning in intervision groups outside the modules
  • Demonstrated coaching practice outside of the modules
  • Provision of training materials (handouts, photo logs)
  • Use of an interactive e-learning platform (blink-it)
  • 8 to 12 participants
  • All participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the training.
  • After successful completion and fulfillment of the certification requirements, the participants acquire the certificate "Systemic Coach" of the Systemic Society (comprises a total of 500 hours together with the basic coaching training).

The main seminars

The two main seminars are included in the Advanced Coaching training. However, they can also be booked individually.

Through self-worth into potential

How worthlessness holes become a springboard into our own power and we free ourselves from inner critics.

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Relationship coaching and double top coaching

In this seminar you will learn how to coach two relationship partners simultaneously. You will learn how relationship crises/conflicts can be turned into opportunities. And how to reactivate the potential of a partnership.

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The elective seminars

One of the following elective seminars is included as part of the Advanced Coaching training. You decide which topic suits you best!!! However, all seminars can also be booked individually.

CRM® picture cards in coaching

Using images to activate unconscious resources to make the seemingly unattainable possible? You will learn how to do this in this seminar using the CRM method, which is aimed primarily at coaches.

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Staying in personal balance

We experience that in the world around us hardly anything is predictable and certain anymore. Therefore, personal balance and steering power become all the more important, because I can influence them directly. What is good for us in these uncertain times, what moves us forward, and how can we take good care of our balance?

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With lived Mindfulness confident in everyday life

Mindfulness is often practiced in isolation as a meditation or breathing exercise - separate from everyday life at work, with a partner or family. The trick is to be mindful and stay calm, especially in situations of stress or pressure. In this seminar you will learn to live Mindfulness in everyday life.

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Energy filling stations for everyday working life

In this seminar you will get to know your personal top energy boosters and which exercises, routines and habits will take your energy level to the next level - for more effectiveness, creativity and better results.

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Teaching supervision/ practice days

The teaching supervision offers the possibility to bring in own coaching cases and to exchange ideas. During the supervision days, each participant has a time slot to present their case and possible questions. One receives reflections and new impulses from the supervisor as well as from the colleagues in order to understand one's own dynamics and to get more clarity for the further coaching process. When experiencing other coaching cases, there are interesting learning moments and aha effects. In the process, solutions are generated in the group and new inputs are given selectively or further coaching tools are imparted. Supervision takes place in a group of 8 to 12 participants.


Upcoming Practice Days/Supervisions:

Sat., 25.03.2023 in Düsseldorf

Space and time for development

The seminars or supervision days take place either in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area, in our coaching rooms in Alzenau or in Düsseldorf.

The SeminarZentrum is located in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and yet in the middle of Germany. Located in the middle of nature idyllic on a small mountain and ideal as a place of learning to focus and relax. With the wide view of the beautiful surroundings, the future can be rethought. In summer, the simple beer garden invites you to linger in the evenings, and in winter, enchanting snowy landscapes are on offer.

All dates and addresses

Training costs

Early bird

until 2 months before start of training

3.500,- € for private payer (instead of 3.750 €)
3.900,- € for corporate customers (instead of 4.170 €)

The training is recognized as a vocational training measure and is therefore exempt from VAT (§ 4 No. 21 letter a bb UStG).

Regular booker

within 2 months before the start of training

3.750,- € for private payer
4.170,- € for corporate clients

The training is recognized as a vocational training measure and is therefore exempt from VAT (§ 4 No. 21 letter a bb UStG).

Individual bookings

The modules and supervisions can also be booked individually

Cost per 2-day seminar

690,- € plus VAT for private payer
790,- € plus VAT for corporate customers

Cost per 2-day supervision

560,- € plus VAT for private payer
600,- € plus VAT for corporate customers

Additional costs

Meals per module for 2 days: 78 €

If necessary, hotel accommodation (please book directly at the hotel in advance and pay on site on departure or apply for a cost transfer by the company. A room contingent is kept free for the institute).

Registration and booking

You want to start with the Advanced Coaching training? Then please use the contact form. Alternatively, you can email us at
or you can contact us by phone (06023-9189494).

In the next step you will receive information material by email as well as a questionnaire, which you fill out and send back to us together with your CV and a photo.

We will then arrange a free, no-obligation phone call with the training director. This way we get to know each other and can talk about previous experiences and learning wishes.

If you decide to take the Advanced Coaching training after the interview, you are bindingly registered upon receipt of the signed contract and will receive your training place.

We look forward to hearing from you!