Vintage: 1971

Location: Constance

Target groups: Individuals, managers and teams

Work focus: Life Coaching: Accompaniment in personal change processes, professional and/or personal (re)orientation, development of visions for the future, work-life balance: resilience and stress management, inner balance, intercultural communication, conflict management and mediation.

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"My work as a coach is to support you through various methods in rediscovering and unfolding your own potential. What is important here is the concrete transfer into everyday life.
Systemic coaching also looks at the big picture. Thus the individual
considered, but also the overall context in which it operates."

Professional practice

  • 12 years of experience as a manager in international affairs, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Since 2008 trainings and coaching in the field of scientific education, in various organizations and companies
  • Project manager of a university-wide organizational development project


  • Systemic coaching and change management (Ineko, Cologne)
  • Intercultural trainer
  • Graduate social pedagogue

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