Year of birth: 1965

Location: Cologne

Target groups: Individuals and teams, middle management executives

Work focus: Increasing self-efficacy, determining one's location, analyzing strengths, reorientation or new orientation, improving communication or conflict competence, inspiration, courage, development of specialists and executives

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"My goal is to get people/teams to reflect and act; to develop them, make them greater, and inspire them to extraordinary performance. I challenge them with my open, non-judgmental attitude, an exceptionally positive inspirational mindset, competence, empathy and a dash of refreshing humor. I, question constellations, processes, results and get them to leave your comfort zone. My coaching is successful when I enable them to meaningfully change their issues for themselves, gain clarity about their goals, dissolve boundaries, and move into action based on the resulting insights."

Professional practice

  • 30 years of responsibility of various positions in HealthCare and MedTech sector (Bayer AG, Panasonic HealthCare Holdings): Field sales, operational and strategic marketing, Product launches, development + implementation of Go-To-Market Strategies, evaluation of new business areas and management of Cooperations. Areas of focus: Relevant stakeholders for plans, employee motivation, projects advance and achieve success with teams.
  • Since 2021 as Systemic coach active.

Education and training

  • Graduate in Business Administration, Department of Economics, TH Köln
  • Systemic coach and change manager (change plan, certified by DBVC and IOC)
  • Pharmaceutical representative, Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Banker, Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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