For me, all good solutions are simple - and they start in detail. For me, everything is connected. People, generations, destinies. Personal and professional activity. Professional knowledge and non-knowledge. Thoughts, feelings and the body. I build bridges of love between different points of view and experiences. In my work I connect what is unconnected. In ourselves - and in leadership. I look for solutions that serve the whole.

Short and sweet

  • Yr. 1958, graduate psychologist, studied theology, education, social sciences and psychology (teaching profession). Today: consultant, trainer, coach, speaker.
  • I train and accompany leaders from business, culture/media, health care, education - in corporate change processes and professional and personal transformation processes.
  • The conscious handling of feelings plays an important role for me. But it's also about the history of the company. And about the personal biography of each individual.
  • For the past 25 years I have also been active as a trainer in the field of systemic coaching and personal development.

Professional career

  • Teaching coach at WANDELPLAN since 2011
  • Since 1998 Coaching, training, consulting for executives, HR managers and change professionals, coaches and consultants
  • Since 1996 consulting and supervision in the field of emotional self- and relationship management
  • Since 2001 SONNOS transformation forge
  • From 1996 - 1998 Management PTG (Personality Training and Development Company)
  • From 1997 - 2014 PAARtout (Partnership Development in Work and Family).
  • From 1998 - 2004 board of directors and management at Lebensschule e.V.

Focus of work

  • Sparring and coaching of top managers and executives
  • Transformation support for team leaders and employees during corporate change processes
  • Promoting synergies in communities/teams
  • Shaping relationships systemically (in professional partnerships, in networks, as a couple, in the family)
  • Coaching and consulting for personal potential development

Further education

  • Systemic organizational development and supervision (DGSV)
  • Systemic Constellation (Norbert Mayer)
  • Gestalt and ritual work (Paul Rebillot)
  • Zen and Mindfulness (Richard Baker-Roshi and Thich Nhat Hanh)
  • Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck)
  • Sustainability - Theory U (Otto Scharmer)
  • ECO Health Coaching (Erickson, ICF)


  • The fluid ego - Leadership begins with self-leadership (Christiane Windhausen, Birgit-Rita Reifferscheidt) BoD - 2012
  • The body as terra incognita in change management. On the Power of the Physical in Counseling Interventions, in OrganizationalDevelopment. Journal for Corporate Development and Change Management - 2014

My clients come from the following sectors: engineering technology, insurance, agribusiness, retail, public service, financial services, arts and culture, education and training, management consulting, physical and health, IT service, e-mobility, aviation.

I work in German and English.