My path was practical throughout. I was a business executive and manager myself for 20 years before becoming a trainer and instructional coach. So I can easily empathize with many leadership situations and have a lot of fun accompanying executives. In the process, I have made the experience: Only those who can lead themselves can lead others effectively. My enthusiasm is to combine individuality and togetherness and to enable new movements. In doing so, each movement starts with the individual - so more impact can be achieved with less effort. My strength lies in the combination of structure-giving directional power and emotional developmental space.

Short and sweet

  • Yr. 1966., certif. Business coach and systemic consultant
  • Teaching coach in the advanced training course "Systemic Coaching and Change Management"
  • Since 2013 experience as coach, trainer and organizational developer
  • More than 20 years of experience as a business executive: building a medium-sized company, personnel management and personnel development, implementation of change processes, implementation of guidelines and management principles

Professional career

  • Since 2014 facilitator, executive coach, trainer and process facilitator at WANDELPLAN.
  • Since 1988 more than 20 years working in the economy in the group and in medium-sized companies
  • From 1990 - 1994 marketing management in an internationally operating group in the consumer goods industry
  • 1994 Establishment of a medium-sized company
  • From 2000 - 2011 Marketing Director in a medium-sized company (100 employees)

Focus of work

  • Coaching of middle and top management
  • Team coaching
  • Facilitation | workshops for team development, cultural development processes, strategy, conferences, large group events (open space, World Café)
  • Training | Communication, Conflict Management, Leadership, Health, Self-Management, Emotion Management
  • Organizational development and support of change processes
  • Culture development, reorganization, mission statement development and implementation, value development, strategy development.

Further education

  • Systemic consulting and process support (certified), Institute Almut Probst
  • Systemic Coaching and Change Management, Institute Almut Probst (Continuing education recognized by DBVC and IOBC)
  • Online Facilitation (Facilitation academy, Berlin)
  • Hypnosystemic communication, MEG
  • NLP Systems, Thies Stahl
  • Integrative leadership training (certified), SONNOS
  • Spiral Dynamics (Chris Cowan, SDL1 and SDL2 certified)
  • European Secretary


  • A tender feeling for myself - Burn-out protocol ( Emotion 10/2011 )
  • All of a sudden life said STOP - How we recapture the joy of living(Emotion 1/2013)

My clients come from the automotive, development cooperation, financial services, manufacturing, research and science sectors.

I am internationally oriented and work fluently in German, English and French.