Year: 1978

Location: Frankfurt am Main

Target groups: Individuals in private and professional contexts, teams, managers.

Work focus: first/new leadership role, emotion and self-management, team development, conflict management, change management, shadowing

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"In coaching, I see myself as a sparring partner at eye level - both in my work with individuals and in teams. It is my ambition that people can recognize their resources through targeted questions and further systemic methodologies and thus develop their potential.In doing so, it is not me as a coach who prescribes the solution, but rather accompanies people at their own pace and supports the creativity and solution development of each individual with the appropriate impulses."

Professional practice

  • Freelance leadership developer for 4 years, Change manager, coach and trainer
  • 18 years of management in various roles in the banking sector and Consulting in international companies with a management span from 3 to 15 employees
  • Working as a corporate coach and trainer for 15 years
  • More than 10 years of experience in strategic and operational Personnel management and labor law issues
  • Lecturer at the BankColleg in the course of study Bankfachwirt

Education and training

  • Systemic coach and change manager (Wandelplan GmbH, DBVC and IOBC certified training)
  • Diploma, Business Economist (FH Nordhessen)
  • Banking specialist (BankCOLLEG)
  • Bank clerk (IHK)

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