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To strengthen our team in Alzenau (near Frankfurt), we are always happy to offer an

Internship position (f/m/d)

These tasks await you

  • You will support us in the preparation and follow-up of trainings and seminars
  • You will have the opportunity to assist and actively participate in trainings and seminars (co-moderation)
  • You will contribute to conceptual activities, such as the development and adaptation of training materials.
  • You will have the opportunity to support our team of trainers within the framework of our advanced training courses
  • You will support us with general in-house office work and administrative activities

What we want from you

  • You are currently in a bachelor's or master's degree program
  • You are interested in the field of consulting, training, moderation or coaching
  • You have conceptual skills and like to bring in your own ideas
  • You have a solution-oriented way of thinking and acting
  • (Very) good knowledge of English
  • You have strong interpersonal skills and empathetic communication skills
  • Confident use of Microsoft 365; MAC OS experiences desirable

This is what you can look forward to

  • A varied range of tasks in an interesting environment with flat hierarchies
  • Insights into the field of training, moderation, coaching
  • Insights into versatile projects of personnel and organizational development
  • Independent work and the chance to actively contribute to the project
  • An appreciative working atmosphere and a humorous, committed team
  • Flexible, family-friendly working hours and the possibility of mobile working

Do you feel addressed?

Then we look forward to receiving your application with the desired starting date, duration, and number of hours per week. We will be happy to answer any questions in advance.

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Learning culture

Appreciate the journey so far

In order to convince people to change, it is absolutely important to appreciate past behavior. We assume that people generally do their best. In our workshops, this is therefore made clear right at the beginning. For example, the manager can focus on what was good and useful in the past and what is needed for the future, e.g. due to strong growth.

Resource and solution orientation

In order for participants to be able to find new and creative solutions, they need a positive mindset. This can also be demonstrated neurophysiologically. Instead of focusing on cause, lack, or blame, we try to look more together at what is already going well and how more of that can be lived. In the workshops, we focus on the moments in which the desired goals have already been achived. Conversely, this does not mean that we do not look at the problems and challenges – on the contrary. Only when all participants are in their resourceful state, they will look at the “problems” in a completely different way and will be able to solve even complex issues faster and better.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

The theory is outsourced as much as possible. Participants can read or re-read things aloud or interactively go deeper via our Elearning platform. During the attendance times, the focus is on practice: In the introductory round, the participants name their concrete practical cases or questions. Instead of constructed role plays, we then work on real cases from corporate practice; the participants are themselves. Often in trainings something is “practiced”, then there is feedback and that’s it. We try that after the feedback the situation is repeated and the manager tries the behavior again directly with the integrated feedback. Implementing the “new” behavior in training facilitates the transfer to everyday business life.

Situational approach

We develop a concept in advance, but on-site in the workshop or training, we understand even better what best contributes to the solution/objective achievement. Then we adapt the process on-site and in the situation to the needs of the participants. We keep the goals of the module in mind.

Every individual counts. And any personal request.

Every group in a training or workshop is different, and each person has a unique challenge and story. Therefore, in the introductory round, the personal concern of each individual for this training or workshop is requested. These points are the standard by which our trainers are guided.

We don't know any better.

Our attitude is that the best solution lies within the system itself and with the stakeholders. Our task is to bring people back into good dialogue and create a learning atmosphere in which innovative solutions to complex challenges can be found. We like to bring in our lived experiences from many years of working with people and organizations – but always as offers and possible ideas – and always with the attitude that things can go quite differently. This is because it allows the process to remain flexible throughout and to keep reinventing itself.

We develop our approaches together with the customer.

The knowledge of internal stakeholders is important to us. That is why our content changes with the companies and the tasks. We continuously update our content based on new developments in companies and society. In all of this, we incorporate our knowledge from experience in organizations or in working with people.


Accompanying accelerated systems with high complexity requires calm and space to find extraordinary solutions. We consider managing one’s condition more important than any technique or method. Because conditions are transmitted.

What is important to us

Our values

What is important to us!



We maintain a partnership with our customers on an equal footing. We develop concepts in joint dialogue with internal contact persons. Customers learn with us and we learn from our customers. In this way, new ideas and the best approach for the participants emerge in the shared space.



We want to be inclusive. Our customers often suffer from divisions within the company: Between silos/departments, between boards, and between locations. In the VUCA world, the individual often no longer finds a solution for the seemingly unsolvable. In the connection, we find outstanding solutions. We help build bridges and promote diversity.



We believe in self-organization and empower people to develop and live sustainable solutions themselves. All processes and structures are adapted in such a way that we are no longer needed as external facilitators as soon as possible, and the experience continues to have an effect.



Many customers describe us as refreshing. It used to irritate us. In the meantime, we have made it our own. It is the attitude to throw even an absolutely well-thought-out concept over the heap if it no longer fits at that moment. And when things get tough, we always find a way to transition to humor and move on.


Health & Mindfulness

Fostering a mindful culture is one of our focal points in organizations. How can we establish a performance culture while maintaining a high quality of life and health for people - for many years to come? The well-being and self-care of our own team are high values for us to be able to accompany other people effectively.


Family Orientation

We live flexible working models, as family and partnership are very important to us. Promoting the integration of work and family for mothers and fathers is a matter close to our hearts. The ability to combine job and family and the private happiness of employees has a direct impact on performance and job satisfaction.

We are where you need us

The management and core team of WANDELPLAN are based in the Aschaffenburg / Frankfurt area. Our consulting team of over 25 certified coaches, consultants, and trainers operates nationwide. Customers with multiple locations thus have their personal coach directly on site, and we can simultaneously conserve resources and work more sustainably for everyone involved.
Our team



We are happy!


  • Burgstraße 3, 63755 Alzenau, Germany
  • +49-(0)6023 9189494

Phone appointments

You want to start with the Basic Coaching training? If so, please schedule a phone appointment for the initial consultation with one of our instructional coaches.

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Coming from the A3: At the Seligenstädter Dreieck interchange, take the A45 toward Dortmund/Gießen, exit 44 Alzenau Nord. At the roundabout, take the exit in the direction of Alzenau Zentrum. Follow the road St2305 5.4 km and turn right on Burgstraße. Turn off in the direction of Alzenau Zentrum. Follow the signs of the parking guidance system to the castle parking lot.

Coming from the A66: At the Hanauer Kreuz interchange, take the A45 toward Aschaffenburg, exit 44 Alzenau Nord. At the roundabout, take the first exit in the direction of Alzenau Zentrum. Follow the road St2305 for 5.4 km and turn right onto Burgstraße towards Alzenau Zentrum. Follow the signs of the parking guidance system to the castle parking lot.

By train from Frankfurt: By RB or RE towards Aschaffenburg/ Würzburg exit at Kahl am Main train station. Take the RB towards Schöllkrippen (track 1) to Alzenau Burg. Then, it’s a 200 m walk to Burgstraße 3

With the Alzenau City Bus: Take the bus from Kahl am Main train station to Alzenau bus station.

Voices, references

References & Voices

Joint success brings happiness!

Our customers include companies from the private sector, organizations from the non-profit sector, authorities, public institutions as well as private individuals. We are pleased and very grateful that we have been able to accompany many customers for years.


Science / Non-Profit / Public

Voices of our Customers



Our team will receive your inquiries and provide you with competent and professional advice on your request. We share a solution- and resource-oriented approach, a systemic view of organizations, and an understanding of responsibility and trust. Our working style is pragmatic and implementation-oriented. We ensure our quality through network meetings, collegial intervision, and knowledge transfer sessions.


Managing Director, Founder
Training Coach

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service

Invoice Management

Our WANDELPLAN network

Our nationwide network of over 30 certified coaches and trainers with different backgrounds - psychology, business administration, education and more. All of them have additional training such as coaching, systemic consulting, training, OE, agile working, etc. They bring decades of experience from industries such as automotive, finance, telecommunications, IT, etc.. Many of them were executives or in management themselves for years.

We will be happy to send you profiles on request.

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We are growing – apply for a job with us!
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About us

About Wandelplan

Work. Grow. Become.

Everything grows and interacts with each other

Since 2005, we at WANDELPLAN have been accompanying people and companies through phases of change: From personal one-on-one coaching to team development and training programs for executives to cultural and organizational development and as a training institute. In doing so, it is important for us to work in partnership and communicate with our customers on an equal footing because this is how we create custom-fit and innovative solutions through joint dialogue.
Our values

WANDELPLAN in figures


Years experience


certified coaches and consultants


employees, our largest customer

  • WANDELPLAN exits for 18 years. During this time, we have trained over 500 people as Systemic Coaches and Change Managers.
  • We support both start-ups and companies with around 250.000 employees worldwide.

What drives us

We love innovation and experiment internally with agile methods and attitudes. We are always guided by the question of how PEOPLE and organizations can be successful and excellent, while creating a culture of inclusion where they can live with a high quality of life and be healthy. What we teach in our ACADEMY is our daily practice as an external partner for complex change projects and culture development processes in ORGANIZATIONS. This lived knowledge from experience flows into our advanced training courses and trainings.

We work in these three areas

And we are also certified

WANDELPLAN is recognized as a training institute by the DBVC (Deutscher Bundesverband Coaching e.V.) and the Systemic Society (SG). Our advanced trainings for Systemic Coaching and Change Management meet the guidelines of these associations and ensure quality standards in teaching. Since 2019, we are also internationally certified by the IOBC (International Organisation for Business Coaching).


We are where you need us

The management and core team of WANDELPLAN are based in Alzenau (area Frankfurt / Main). Our team of more than 25 certified coaches, consultants, and trainers operates nationwide and in many major German cities. Customers with multiple locations thus have their personal coach directly on-site, and we can simultaneously work in a resource-saving and more sustainable manner for all parties involved. Many of our coaches were themselves executives or managers for 10-20 years beforehand.
Our team