The springboard to your own power

We all need a healthy SelfWorth to be able to trust. The more self-confidence we have, the more we trust ourselves – we try out new things and can handle mistakes and crises with confidence. It is marginal what we do for a living. In order to be able to develop our potential, we need to deal confidently with our strengths and dance humorously with our own weaknesses.

Our SelfWorth emerges (and changes) in relationships. We all know them, those holes in our own value that we bring with us from early family experiences. Through our own inner critic, we install self-doubt into our self-image over time. Or we repel it (through an overblown ego) and then come across as aloof or arrogant. Then our relationships suffer from it and it cracks or partners withdraw, where we do not want that at all. Or in the job we want to develop, but it does not go quite forward or our potential can not be perceived. But the good thing is: our self-worth can change throughout our lives because it is based on beliefs, not facts.

The question: “How do you see yourself?” or even “Who are you?” suggest that self-esteem work always goes hand in hand with self-knowledge. And this confrontation with ourselves opens up new spaces and can initiate healing and change processes in ourselves but also in others.

In coaching, too, coachees repeatedly bring issues that deal with value dilemmas/value conflicts, but also self-esteem issues. In this seminar you will learn tools/methods to work with inferiority, self-sabotage, self-deprecation.

Mann mit ausbgebreiteten Armen vor Sonnenaufgang

Target groups

This seminar is aimed at interested parties from all areas: To private individuals who want to use this personally or in their profession, as well as to coaches or managers who repeatedly have to deal with this topic in themselves and others and are looking for ways to promote potential.


First and foremost, you will learn something about yourself in this seminar: What inner critics do I have that limit me? How can I deal with or stop these and get more into my self-worth? What is the image I have of myself and how does it affect my life? Which values are important to me, which ones do I want to hold on to, and which ones can I let go of? In addition, you will learn coaching tools that will give you new strength.

Contents and methods

Strengthening self-esteem

Activating unconscious resources with images

Value protection

Shame - vulnerability makes you strong

Self-image and external image

The power of appreciation

Working with the inner critic and negative beliefs


Christiane Windhausen

(Dipl. Psych.) Systemic Relationship Design, Senior Coach DBVC and IOBC

Dates & Costs

July 05-06, 2024 (Day 1 from 10am-6pm, Day 2 from 9am-4pm).

Seminar Center Rückersbach

min. 8, max. 12 participants

749 € Training costs

Additional costs:

Catering 50,50 € / day (drinks and lunch)

If necessary, hotel accommodation (please book directly at the hotel and pay on the spot)

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